This song makes me want to take off my clothes

I'm not much of an R&B fan. Growing up, my mother used to listen to it occasionally--though country music tended to take up most of the airspace in my house. She tended to like R&B mostly when she was cleaning. We had a 5-disc CD player and whenever Mom declared a cleaning day, she'd load the player with her favorite albums (if I was lucky, I got to choose one of the five selections), crank up the volume, and we'd sing and dance around while dusting and scrubbing the toilet. 

Toni Braxton was a go-to, especially the song "You're Making Me High," a very, very dirty song that I consider responsible for some of my early sexual education. I sang it at karaoke recently and my girlfriends were scandalized.

Ranking lower on the scandal scale is Miguel's "Adorn," which I heard for the first time just a few months ago because I'm a late adopter and passive music listener. But there is something about this song--or maybe it's just his voice--that makes me want to take off all my clothes and...I don't know? Maybe clean the apartment.