"Brooke is the best of all worlds: She’s incredibly skilled at the craft of line editing, but she’s a master when it comes to the all-important art of the big picture, seeing and suggesting key structural changes that can transform a book. She also gets as engaged as the writer on her projects; she brings sophisticated knowledge of all the other aspects of publishing a book (marketing, distribution, etc.); and she’s just great fun to be in the foxhole with."--Leigh Gallagher, senior editor at Fortune and author of The End of the Suburbs

"In my line of work, if you want to be #1, you have to work with the best people. So when I was writing my first book, The Sell, I was blessed to work with Brooke Carey. She transformed my manuscript from a good one to a great one and made the entire editorial process a complete joy. She definitely deserves a highkick!"—Fredrik EklundNew York Times-bestselling author of The Sell and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: New York

"You'll never find a better editor than Brooke Carey. She's brilliant, savvy, and can intuitively grasp what you're trying to do--and then, with her magic track changes, shape it into the best it can be. If you work with Brooke, you'll have an awkward lump in your stomach when people compliment you on how well your book flows--because you'll know you had a secret weapon in Brooke Carey."--Zac BissonnetteNew York Times-bestselling author of How to Be Richer, Smarter, and Better Looking than Your Parents 

"I was lucky enough to work with Brooke on three books during her time at Penguin. I always appreciated her thorough editing--both her attention to detail, and her ability to see when whole sections weren't working (or, after some serious work, when they were!). I highly recommend her for any project you want to take to the next level."--Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and I Know How She Does It

"Brooke Carey is THE BEST!  If you have an opportunity to work with Brooke, DO IT.  I feel so fortunate that a best-selling author friend of mine clued me in and told me to work with Brooke. My book was under a very tight deadline and needed an objective editor to pull it together and improve the tone so it would be more enjoyable to read. Brooke came up with a plan to get it done in the short timeframe we had.  Then she struck the perfect balance between making my book engaging to read while still ensuring that the audience learned what is essential to understand about investing--not an easy feat.  Now when so many readers thank me for writing a book that they enjoy reading while learning so much about investing, I thank my lucky stars that I got to work with Brooke. And, on top of her fantastic talent, Brooke is a pleasure to work with, which made what was a daunting project much more manageable and rewarding. "--Alice Finn, author of Smart Women Love Money

"Given that we are two economists used to writing with technical jargon, Brooke Carey made the perfect companion on our journey to publishing The Economists’ Diet. Not only is she a great editor with an uncanny ability to ask the right questions at exactly the right moment, but she is also a witty and talented writer who was able to enhance the text while always staying true to our voice. In short, Brooke had an enormously positive impact on the book."--Christopher Payne and Rob Barnett, authors of The Economists' Diet